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At what point do you change your engine/transmission as a maintenance procedure?

Duane Black

Curbs go brrrppp
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5-10 Years
Durham, NC
My daily driver/autocross car/track car has made it to 156000 miles. I estimate that about 7000 of these miles were in a track environment.

Its the 3.7 v6 duratec block. I've checked on ebay... Ive no intention of spending 5.0 coyote money. I can find 30-80k mile engines for $1000.

I know the right answer is a leak down test. I have a kit but its on loan. I need to do that....

My cars highway mileage used to easily be 25. 27 was possible. its lucky to get 23 these days. gas is cheaper... but i know it could be a sign of a weak engine too. The 3.55 gears over the factory 2.73 doesn't help

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