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Atlanta Motorsports Park

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I drove the new Atlanta Motorsports Park last Friday. It was a blast - lots of elevation changes and blind turns. It is very technical but not as high speed as Road Atlanta. It has been described as a combination of Barber MP and Infineon. The track was 99% done but the paddock and support areas still need a lot of work. By the end of the year this will be one beautiful facility.

Looks like fun. All the railings do remind me of Infineon.
I hate you - getting to run there before me ;D I think the blind corners are a bit much for normal track day folks but still need to make a trip out of FL one of these days.

Bill Pemberton

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Very interesting track and it looks fairly technical. May not be as fast as Road Atlanta, but it definitely has plenty of character with the uphill off camber blind turns and the cool elevation changes. Be fun to see laps later when it is 100% complete. Thanks for sharing!!
Track is complete. A good buddy of mine ripping it up......

Modular Boss, SVT Cobra Mustang Club will be at AMP on September 22-23, 2012 and we hope you can make it out!

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