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Austin Texas F1

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Probably already told you but going in November. 4 nights DT Austin. 300K people driving the dollar into a wheelbarrow! World Peoples and our BUCK is now like a friggin' peso!

I would love to go. I have been to every MotoGP since they came back to Laguna Seca (and ruined the corkscrew but that is a different story) and the first one was awesome. Every year it has been a little less exciting, not the racing which is always great, but the way the euros and the manufacturers and stuff have let up. Went to the one in Indianapolis last year and it was about like the current ones at LS are. The first F1 race in Austin I'm sure is going to be a fantastic experience.

Used to watch Cart or whatever they were called back in the day at LS too, I cold cocked some guy who I thought was hitting on me at the urinals at Eastwood's bar when I was like 16 and it turned out he was just one of the driver's crew and apparently touching people and chatting them up while you have your pecker out is ok in whatever South American country he was from. Those were great races too. Been to a couple recent Indy races and they just don't have the flair of the old races.

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