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AutoX: Move Mustangs from STX to STU

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Hey Everyone,

There is a proposal up right now in the SCCA soloII (AutoX) rules that would move mustangs from Street Touring Extreme (STX) to Street Touring Ultra (STU). I am reaching out to members here to hopefully support this move.

The street touring classes provide a middle class between running is a stock class and going all out race with DOT slicks in ESP. Things like springs and camber plates automatically move you into these classes. Personally I don't have the money or desire to invest in making my car a fully prepped race car but would like to add springs and plates without going to a race tire.

In STX 2WD cars are only aloud to use 265mm tires which is were the mustangs up to 5.0L are classed. Which for a mustang in autox is a great handicap. In STU 2WD cars currently can use up to 285mm tire which would greatly help the competitiveness of the mustang. Also part of this proposal is that solid rear axle cars might get an even greater tire size allowance.

You can read about this proposal in the current fastrack news for Solo located here. Just click on the August Solo link and scroll down to change proposal #10437.

More information on current SCCA solo rules can be found here:

And you can also find more information on this change request in a right up by Terry Fair from Vorshlag found here:

Comments to SCCA can be expressed here:

Thanks for any support.


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