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alright im a bit slow on this but can anyone give me an idea on where the baffles are on the exhaust and how to remove them. If anyone has pictures that would be great or a detailed explanation on how to do so. i would appreciate it.
Some people say you do not have to but I lift up the car or use ramps to have more room to work and see what you are doing.

Look here for some nice pictures STIG302 took

You will need to take out the 15mm bolt at the rocker panel, then the two 15mm bolts at the pipe. If you use a jack be careful not to put your arm inside the jack, it is easy to do and you will see what I mean if you jack up the car.

This is a very simple job, the hardest part is to adjust the pipes where they conect to the main pipes correctly or it will rattle. Line the pipe back up on the two studs and before you tighten them put the rocker back in. Then tighten the two 15mm bolts leaving at least 3/8 of an inch between the the bolt on the adjustment band on the side pipe itself and the floor.


Lift points you will need to go a bit more forward then the picture to clear the rocker bolt.


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