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Barton shifter bracket review

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I've always had Hurst shifters in my cars, that's usually one of the first mods. But after researching Hurst shifters for the Boss, I decided that I didn't think I would like it (for a couple of reasons). Since I don't track or drag my car, I didn't want to spend the bucks for the MGW shifter. So I decided to gamble on the Barton 2-post shifter bracket.

I had it installed today, and it has made a noticeable difference in the shift quality. Obviously, it's not as good as if I had installed a new shifter, but it is an improvement. I still find that skipping gears when downshifting is a little dicey on occasion, but I chalk some of that up to operator error. My only complaint is that I have seen a huge increase in noise being transmitted into the cabin. Know what a bad throwout bearing sounds like? I have that sound only much louder. I suppose given the huge difference between the Barton and OEM shifter brackets, some increase in noise is to be expected. I may have to look into installing some kind of sound deadener between the shifter and body, if possible.

Overall, it was a good purchase and I think it's worth the money if you're not planning on upgrading shfters.

EDIT: After installing Dynamat on the transmission tunnel and on the shifter box, the noise level is still unacceptable. And in my frustration, I missed several shifts on the way home. So I'm thinking this was probably a waste of money as far as bang for the buck.
The new Barton two post shifter bracket looks like a great option for those wanting to firm up their shifting. My theory is that over 50% of any improvement felt by the MGW comes from their shifter bracket design, which is superior to the stock bracket. Thanks for the review.
I know this is an old thread, but I was hoping someone could weigh in with an opinion. I just installed the Barton two-post bracket in my 2012. Frankly I did not notice much shift quality improvement, but at least there was no noticeable increase in noise or vibration on the test drive (10 miles) and on the way to work (20 miles). Then on the way home from work today, all of a sudden there was an increase in noise and vibration.

I'm pretty certain it's coming from the shifter because the sound decreases when the clutch is pushed in and the shifter in neutral, although I need to do more experimentation. I am 99% sure I installed it correctly according to the instructions, including moving the bracket to the end of the shifter box and using Locktite. I guess it's going back up on jacks now to investigate. Anyone else have this problem? :mad:

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