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Barton Shifter Bracket

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I installed my Barton Shifter Bracket yesterday. I bought the cheap one, not the Two Post. I am using the stock shifter.

If anyone is on the fence about buying this, quit. Buy it, either one. The shifting is almost rifle bolt smooth. A tiny bit more noise but so what. Money well spent.

So far on my car I have removed the clutch helper spring, added a JHR high flow clutch line, and the shifter bracket. So far all my clutch/missing shifts issues have been fixed.

I thank everyone here with their suggestions and comments. It's nice to have a forum where there is actual constructive help going on. Thanks to all and thanks to the Mods who keep it running.... ;D
Nice. I had a Steeda shifter bracket before I installed my MGW shifter and there wasn't much of a difference to me. I think the twin post Barton is the way to go unless you just hate the stock shifter.


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I have a Barton 2 post sitting in my pile of "to install" parts on the Boss. Glad to hear the great feedback!


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What was your problems before the mods? I have the MGW/JHR line and mine continues to stick to the floor at redline shifting.

Yeah I know what you mean about the other sites....ventured over to TMS today and reading the threads is rather hit or miss have to sort through 20 pages of crap to find three posts that are worth anything.
Justin said:
What was your problems before the mods? I have the MGW/JHR line and mine continues to stick to the floor at redline shifting.

First like you my clutch was staying on the floor at 7k+ shifts. Not all the time but always at the worst time. In my searches it sounded like a 50/50 fix to remove the giant helper spring on the clutch pedal. It's free so I tried it, I had no problem after that. I watched the JHR video on the clutch hydraulic line and it sounded reasonable so I put that on too, it was cheap enough. I have not had a problem with the clutch sticking and it's got probably 1500-2000 miles since the mods.

Separate problem, on occasion I was missing gears. Seemed to be mostly 3rd. I just thought before I bought a complete shifter I would try the rear support. Be warned Ii have not had a chance to really get on it because it's been raining here. If just the general smoothness and feel is any indication I might be on the right track.

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