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Bedding pads vs. seasoing rotors

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Don't they essentially accomplish the same thing in the end? By that I mean, if I spend the time to bed my new pads, the rotors are being worked. So after the bedding is complete, do I need to come back in a few days and still "season" the rotors? I did see the thread about seasoning rotors, but didn't look super hard. forgive me.

Grant 302

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Bedding and burnishing are the process of mechanically matching the pad to the rotor and creating/adding the transfer layer. Some rotor seasoning will occur during this process, but is better done over several days of lighter braking. IMO preferably before the bedding/burnishing is done. The seasoning of a rotor is thermal cycling of the rotor to relieve internals stresses from the casting process where the stresses are created during the initial cooling and creation of a new surface shape via the face machining.


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to add to grant's post, bedding also degasses the pads to prevent cracking...unless you use pre-bed pads, which have already been degassed.

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