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Below 40 degrees on the summer tires

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The summer rated tires that the boss comes with are only good above 40 degrees, right? What happens to them if you have the car out below 40. I'm sure grip is effected, but will it damage the tires?
There is a good post on here about the tires, and yes they can freeze and crack, from what I have heard. Here in KY I have not driven my Boss under 45 degrees.
The PZeros on the regular Boss will not freeze and crack, although the traction becomes limited below 40 degrees as they get very hard. The PZero Corsas on the LS are an R-compound tire, and r-compound tires are generally not to be driven below 32 degrees as they can crack and catastrophically fail. Every manufacturer has specific cold weather storage guidelines. Some say don't store/operate below 32 degrees or they can crack, others like Nitto say don't handle or operate below 15 degrees. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for specifics.
My buddy's Camaro SS came with reg Pzeros also. He had no clue they were summer tires until I brought it to his attention. He had been driving it with temps in the high 20's with no problem. (Traction control on , of course). I like the temp to be above 32 when I take my car out. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I won't have to worry about that until NEXT winter.
I noticed the grip being affected at 40 degrees, which is the coldest I have taken it out so far. Cold + rain/snow will probably be when they are worst.

However, like everything else, the lawyers I am sure did not let them put the rating right on the dot where the tires should not be used. If it is a little below 40 and you are not planning on driving like an idiot (I know it is hard to resist in this car ;D ) then you should be fine. Just don't count on normal grip levels. Now if it is like 15 degrees, then maybe leave it at home. I have driven in 40 degree and raining weather on R comps when my street car coughed up its motor, so it can be done, but it did cycle out the tires.
Thanks guys. Good feedback. I live I Florida, so I don't have a lot of issues with cold weather. Maybe four times a year it will drop into the 30's in the AM, but is back in the 70's by 1:00.


I called Pirelli a few months ago (posted somewhere here)..........I asked the tech and was told that I wouldn't get the same performance.........I told them that I just needed to get from point A to point B driving crazy.......still no problem from the tech. BUT was warned that stopping and handeling (like avoiding dogs bad drivers etc) would be affected. One intresting point.......the sticker says dont drive below 40........the tire info booklet in the glove box says 45............Be careful is all i can say...........I wonder if your insurance co will consider temps on any claims? More than likely they dont know what summer tires are! LOL

An earlier post someone said something about a camaro (yech).......Dis he have Pzero neros?........those are year around tires like on my daughters 2010 Mustang.
My Brembo GT has the same tires and I have driven down to low 20's with no problems. They do lose a little grip below 50, so I have to be gentler with the gas pedal and brake a little earlier, otherwise the wheels slip and hop.
Forecast high of 44 today and most of the snow's gone, but there's still some where it's piled up. Going home at lunch and will be pulling the cover off this afternoon 8) Hopefully I don't spin off into oblivion ;D

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