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Besides Zaino if a wax is a must (pics)

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I just got in some Adams Americana wax and I must say it is the easiest best results wax I have ever used. It is also the most expensive wax by volume I have tried as well. Here are some pics I put one quick coat on the hood. IT already had Adams Clay/Adams Machine Wax (on coat a few months ago)/Adams buttery Wax/Adams Brilliant Glaze....and then this (pictures taken with camera on my phone)

Its only on the hood the rest of the car has the above only no Americana


Best wax I ever had was a bottle of Durashine I found laying in the street, used it twice a year on my Bronco and the paint was still perfect 10 years later when I gave the car to my bro. I really like synthetic "wax" and have been using some McGuire's synthetic on my Boss as it doesn't need to be rubbed in so I don't think it will put as much wear on the vinyl.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
This was is not synthetic its a pure wax with no abrasives. I was greatly pleased with how easy it went on and it comes off just as easy as it is to apply (think wiping interior down with a cloth type easy) no real pressure is required

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