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Beware Fomoco oil filter!!!

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Hi guy's, I did my first oil change today at 1568 km, drain the oil pan, then took the original oil filter off. As I turn the oil fiter to let the oil out I notice a black thing hanging from the top...look at what I found :eek: The rubber is stuck in, I cant take it out.
Drew, that is the factory filter, it is a little different from the 500S. Something due to ease of installation on the assembly line.

FrenchBoss - not sure what damage, if any, that may have caused. It may have blocked flow at some point, not sure. I would however take it to the dealer and get it well documented in case of any problems down the road. I would also ask them to check the oil pressure in the car now. Hope it does not have any adverse effects on your Boss but make sure they know.


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That is the filter that I removed at the first oil change. Mine didn't have any problems like that though. I would definitely show that to your dealer and send a note to ford. Their supplier needs a kick for that one.



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Now that you have the cluster gauge what oil pressures are you seeing? On my Boss the pressure is betweem 80 and 100 when the car is first started. Once the oil heats up she is at 40 when idling. Once I hit the throttle it goes up to about 80, maybe a little more.
Thanks for the input guy's, I will bring it my dealer and make sure they document it. I might also send a note to Ford technical department with pictures . Regarding the oil pressure the LS Pod that I just installed gives me normal OP, prior to the pod I never notice any light or abnormal sound. I sure hope it did not do any dammage. :-\

And Yes that is the original filter and I think all Boss's came from the factory with the FOMOCO style one, I replaced it with part number FL500-S
If I am reading the date code correctly it was made on november 26 2011 car buit date december 21 2012
I saved my oil filter from the first oil change and it is the same one, no problem with it, and no I do not want to sell it for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to keep it. Saved a small bottle of the original oil also, crazy, I know!
Make Ford pay for an oil analysis of the break-in oil and the current oil. I doubt that gasket would be there if it was not an important part. I don't know what the internal construction of the filter is like, but it might have allowed oil to make it through unfiltered. There are several posts that you can compare the oil analysis against, too.

I checked my filter, here is a pic (ignore the grime, it has been sitting on my bench for months). Not as bad as yours, but clearly whoever makes these for Ford has some quality control issues and Ford should be notified so they can take action. That filter should not have even made it past a visual inspection. Anyone here know of someone cutting one of these filters in half? It would be good to see what that gasket is supposed to be doing.


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