BG Syncroshift II For Manual Transmissions

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    I just wanted to let everyone with MT82's know that BG recently updated the Spec Sheet on the Syncroshift II Product to include the oil currently specified for the MT82; Ford Spec. WSS-M2C200-D2. Based on the 1000+ qts we sold in the past 11 months, most of you obviously just wanted a transmission to shift but BG basically made it official in January.

    As far as any of the Tremecs used in Shelby models, BG Syncroshift was developed to replace the horrible choice the OEM's made to utilize ATF in a manual GEARBOX. So obviously the spec is completely different as ATF is a poor fluid choice in any manual transmission, Syncro Shift II is still a universal fill for all manual equipped vehicles. Several Customers have made the switch in the GT350 with great results.

    Our post with the updated test spec is posted here:

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