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Gentlemen, One very important finding that I collected by comparing oil temps during my two last events at MSR Houston is the following:

It appears that the internal cleanliness of our cooling passages is of great impact to oil and coolant temps.
Mind you, my engine is the 3.7L V6, but I believe this concept is greatly applicable to the 5.0L which is most common here on this forum. At this moment, my engine is clocking at around 110k miles.

Over the course of a weekend this past February I performed the Mercedez Benz coolant system superflush on my Black Panda. Here is the link to the procedure that I followed although I modified mine a little to use a less concentrated form of citric acid solution. I also did not disconnect anything apart from the hoses routing to the coolant reservoir and the stopcock at the bottom of the radiator.

So after ~15 gallons of distilled water ,1lb of citric acid, 1/2 bottle of Shout Gel dish washer soap and also like 5 hours of my time during the course of 2 days, I was done.
In the end, somewhere around 4-6 ounces of sediment, deposits and unmentionable waste were slowly removed from inside the coolant passages by this method.

At this point I have not monitored coolant temperatures at the track. But I have monitored max oil temps at every event since September of last year.

Here are the only different conditions at which this two events were held, anything else should not impact this results.
Conditions for January 16, 2022 event (Prior to superflush) : Ambient Temp 40F, Ethylene Glycol Content: 25% Max Oil Temp 245F, RPM range used ~4.0K - 7.0k RPM (2.73 rear ratio).
Conditions for November 13, 2022 event (Post superflush) : Ambient Temp 55F, Ehtylene Glycol Content: 15%, Max Oil Temp 235F, RPM range used ~3.5K - 6.5K RPM (3.31 rear ratio)

I believe that the lower Glycol content should not affect temperatures that much. Also, during the November 13, 2022, I am definitely pushing the car more. And finally, the possible highest contributor could be the RPM range. However, I believe this data is still worthwhile for use.

January 16, 2022 event - Max Oil Temps vs Ambient Temps delta = 205F
November 13, 2022 event - Max Oil Temps vs Ambient Temps delta = 180F

That is a difference in delta of 25F on oil temps!
My only regret is not having monitored coolant or oil temps while I still had the same gear ratio before and after the flush.

Anyways, I hope this info finds my peeps well!

Please enjoy the pics!

My GOD bless my beloved sirs and madams out there!!!



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