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BMO Hat or Shirt?

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Wondering if anyone has some ties to Hat's or Patch's. I'd like to get a hat with BMO or a Patch. I thought of the idea as the 50th Mustang celebration is coming up and I'd like to find other members from here. A hat would be great as we could find other members. Hopefully we can come up with something cool and one of our members can get this going. I don't have any ties for hats. I have a cousin that I never talk to that does shirts. And a good friend that does custom Pavers at PaverArt, but I don't want to carry Paver's around all day at different events. :p

Chris your timing on this is PERFECT! I had some shirts made up for my SEMA trip using the BMO logo. I'm checking on prices now and will put them up for sale within the next week. I asked about hats too but forget what they told me. I'll get a price on hats too. Of course I still have a few BMO t-shirts available so check the link in my signature. Below are photos of the embroidered logo, the shirts I had made and a photo of Gary, Cloud9, wearing his BMO t-shirt at the Mustang Round-Up this past September.

Please post up if you're interested in hats or polo shirts and I'll start a new thread on how to order when I have all the details. The shirts and hats will be a one time offer and will need to be paid for in advance.



Great shirt!
Any chance they'd be available in a cotton long sleeve polo also? That's what I wear at the track.
I got a couple from a graphics place that does custom shirts--but mine have no logo/embroidery.


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Cotton long sleeve polo would be perfect for track days. My track requires long sleeve shirts of natural fibers.

Happy to fly the colors.

I have the BOSSMUSTANGSONLINE.COM stickers on my side windows. Why stop there? ;D
Re: BMO Hat or Shirt? Update

Ok I have the cost of the shirts with shipping etc. The shirts can be any color they offer and any size including XS up to XXXXXXL. The hats will only be available in solid black with the BMO logo on the front. The shirts and hats will need to be paid for in advance. I'm not going to order any extra shirts and will order a few extra hats so this will be your only opportunity to order. I will start a separate thread for ordering when we're ready to order.

The shop where I'm placing the order is closed between December 20th and January 2nd. If we get the order in before the 20th they should be available for shipping the first week in January.


We can wait until mid January to place the order to get past the holidays.


Do you want to order now or wait 6-7 weeks?

Links to the shirts and hats are below. Click on Next Step to see the color options. The polo shirts are of nice quality with good collars but are not Ralph Lauren quality. The hat is nice and typical. It's not a flimsy hat but it's not quite Nike or Under Armour quality either.

Short Sleeve Polo

Long Sleeve Polo

This is the correct style of hat and will only be available in solid black not two tone like the photo


Polo XS-XL $36 delivered to US addresses
Polo XXL $39
Polo XXXL $45
Larger sizes please send me a PM

Polo LS XS-XL $54 delivered to US addresses
Polo LS XXL $57
Polo LS XXXL $63
Larger sizes please send me a PM
Shipping outside the US is extra.

Hats $25 delivered to US addresses
The hats seem high to me but that's what they cost. There a big price break @ 144 units but we won't get there.

In solid black only
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