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Boss 302 front Grill Clip issues

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Hello all!
Ok, so I installed my StarKey fog light kit last night (the LED GT style kit not the lower fogs - the ones that go into the upper grille). Putting the bumper back onto the car, I noticed that the front grille kept popping out. I re-adjusted the fogs and the bumper but the upper clips that hold the grille into the bumper keep letting go.

What happens is the clips of the upper portion of the grille don't hold and the grille keeps popping loose at the top of the nose. I re-checked everything and there is nothing really pushing against the grille from behind to cause this.

I actually noticed that the grille was kind of loose to begin with when I first picked the car up (I am the 2nd owner).

I think it's just a matter of those plastic clips being weak, I was thinking of trying to pry them up a little bit to see of they can hold any better, BUT I'm just worried that I may accidentally break one by doing so (as this has happened to me before on other cars).

I keep pushing the grille back into place and a few minutes later you can hear it pop loose and then it pops out just a little bit.

I know that the grille itself can literally be pulled out and pushed back in and that there is nothing really special holding it in. I just don't want to push it back in place and then have it come loose while driving.

Just to re-iterate, this issue was noticed PRIOR to my fog light install.

I'm mainly curious if anyone else has noticed their upper grille on their 2013's being somewhat loose

thanks guys!
I installed the LED foglamps in my grille, the only issue I had was that the tabs that hold the block off plates on have to be trimmed
off for clearance
I just went out and checked mine. It's stock and has never been off. The upper grill has about 1/16" play all the way around but at that point it's obvious that it's not going anywhere.
I've got 2012 and swapped out to a 302s grill, it seems a little loose at the bottom. It's not going anywhere and I don't think it rattles.


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Just swapped out my stock grille with a 302S. they are a little loose to start with. two locking tabs on each side and on on the bottom at the outsides. and the four push pins across the top is all that holds them in. so it moves around pretty good.
After commenting yesterday I decided to slip a couple of pieces double sided sticky tape under the top part and it worked like a champ. still moves on the bottom but a lot less with the top tack down. That's my fix.

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