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Boss 302 in Memphis.

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So, a friend of mine gave me a heads up that there was a Boss coming to my dealer...needless to say the DEALER didn't call. I have no idea how the ordering system works so, I went to check it out since he placed his orders all at the same time.
Turns out to be a CO /White Boss that was ordered for retail stock.
Anyway, I finally got to see one in person and plant my fat ass in the seat behind the wheel. Seats felt very good as did the wheel...The car is clean ...I'll give it just makes me want mine more now.
It is unsold but they have a +$10 ADM on it so I bet it will be therte for a while!
Anyway I finally got to sit in one and it made the anticipation both bearable and more intense!
Just say no to ADM.
Nah- CO with white is too much like Home Depot. I would rather it be Halloween every day. ;) The theme would fit considering how scary the payments would be. :p


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
However, you bring up a good point as the CO w/ white may end up being the most rare of the 'stock' Boss color combinations for that reason.
Some ADMs are there to keep the car from selling right away - The dealership will advertise they have one, it draws showroom traffic, and then when it's run it's course or another one is coming in relatively soon, they'll price it to sell it.
Goodevening from the West coast.. C Orange with White is the color on my order form, I would really like to see one. I have seen the R Red with White combination and I seem to like that. I suspect your correct about how popular this might be as this is NOT a traditional Boss Mustang look except for the 69 Bud Moore racecars . I find it sad that a buyer is waiting in Caifornia for his car while one simular is sitting without a personal owner in Memphis Tenn. Fords wisdom? Why not build first come first serve. Oh well I will just have to wait with everyone whos status is Material Hold. I sometimes reflect back on those numerious beautiful Orange and White 67-69 Cameros I street raced back in the 70's with my Boss 302. I agree the dealers will use many of these Boss cars as a " come on " to draw mustang customers in then sell them another unit. I believe after a period of time several will be at MSRP.

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