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Boss 302 Mask


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5-10 Years
The 12’s were faster. 😄
As long as they are Kona Blue.

Seriously, I believe its because the "C" stripe is distinguishable as being from the "Boss" the hockey stick stripe, not so much. Everyone here recognizes both, the public in general, not so much.

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car

Perhaps this is the reason why.. Driver Paul Brown, Team Tiger Racing & Ford Racing won the triple crown under the Boss 302 racing program in 2011.

It was the 2011 SCCA Pirelli World Cup Challenge series when Paul Brown, (R.I.P.) won the Drivers Championship, the Team (Constructors) Championship and the Manufacturers Championship by finishing with the same Parnelli Jones Race Win Record of the 1970 SCCA season.

Same win/place record. And when our think about that? It was amazing.

It’s also why I special ordered my 2012 Boss 302 in October 2011, built 3rd week of November 2011 & Delivered the last week of December 2011.

The 2011 SCCA Pirelli World Challenge Series (12 Race Season) was a very special time for the Ford Racing Boss 302 Race Program spear headed by Ford Motor Company, MultiMatic & Independent Constructors.

This is one of the many reasons why I always smile ‘ear to ear’ every time I twist the original Boss 302 Red Key.

The ‘Boss is Back’ and now you know why Ford Motor Company said that.

I might love this Bar, but I love my 2012 KB Boss 302 more!

(Keith something?)

All the best.

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