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boss 302 owners kit

Looking for owners kit 1002 for a 2013 grabber blue boss.....tried calling ford racing and it was sent to previous owner and hoping I can track it down....thx in advance.
yes some people do suck. It's one thing to keep the owners kit for being the orginal Boss owner. But its another to keep the kit and then sell it>>> for what $250 to $500 bucks.
Like some else said..when you trade the Boss in. Hide a note in it for the new owner to get the kit. Bottom line is its one thing to keep a memory and another to sell that memory.
I guess the title to this thread should actually be "Boss 302 ORIGINAL owners kit" It seems the ORIGINAL owner, if they decide to sell their Boss, will keep the kit as a memento or try to sell it for profit ( pure greediness in my opinion). We all know we had to wait weeks...some of us months for our kits to arrive. I'm curious to know how many second time buyers get to have the owners kit come with their Boss......... maybe the rationale of keeping it is justified? Why didn't it just come with the car in the first place????? One last note...My two posters that came with my kit are framed & hanging in my garage (like NFSBOSS's)...The rest of the kit is lying comfortably upstairs.
See if this seller had the 2013 posters.

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