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Boss 302R Rear Wing and other Aero realted questions


I was wondering if anyone had a line on a source for the rear wing seen in the pic below. I've been researching the various wing options for these cars with an eye only towards wings that are actually functional while at the same time not over the top looking for a car that also see's street duty. So far the ones that I have dug up are the LS Boss rear wing, the Steeda rear wing and this one seen below who's maker still escapes me. At first glance it looks like the Steeda wing but the Steeda wing appears to have a slightly different design upon closer inspection.

While studying the various Boss 302R pictures found all over the web I also noticed that it appears to only be using what looks to be the standard Boss front splitter as compared to the larger Boss LS splitter that can be purchased from Ford Motorsports. I can only assume the 302R is using the smaller front splitter it has in order to meet some regulations/rules for the classes they race in.

I've come to the conclusion that if I just wanted something that was designed to work as a package then going with the full Boss LS Splitter/Wing Combo would do the trick and from what I've read it sounds like that combo is good for about 90/lbs of downforce at like 140mph. My only problem with taking the "easy" way out by going with the full LS Aero setup is that I'm really not a fan of the big front splitter it comes with and imgaine that it would only last about a week on the shitty roads in my neck of the woods.

Given that the 302R appears to only be using the standard Boss front splitter and this unicorn wing below I would like to think that this combo must be working pretty well together for the teams using it. I haven't found any data on what this combo offers in terms of downforce though and I doubt I ever will but if its good enough for them then I would feel pretty confident that its a package worth having despite not knowing any raw data.

Thanks for any info or thoughts you can provide

It's an 05-09 Steeda wing.

Multimatic made small filler pieces to make it fit the 2010 decklid.

Last I heard and looked, Steeda quit making it. They do have a somewhat similar product for 2010+ mustangs
Here's the newest one but I didn't realize they stopped making the old one. Regardless they are very similar. A few members have installed that wing on their cars. It has very similar downforce as the LS wing. Some pros liked the side plates stating that it added stability during high speed braking.

Didn't they only use those wings on certain tracks and went with the G stream wings at the others? I could have sworn I read that somewhere a long time ago.
Thanks for the info guys.

Its a shame they stopped making that wing because I really like the look of it. The newer Steeda wing isnt terrible looking etiher and sounds like the only choice left at this point.

Has anyone seen any real data on what the regular Boss front splitter offers in terms of downforce? Just trying to decide on the best approach for a balanced outcome. Based on the fairly agressive looking nature of the newer Steeda wing I'm wondering if the regular Boss splitter will be enough or if using the LS splitter would be requried.

Thanks again

Grant 302

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Bummer. I hadn't heard they stopped making/selling these. I like the newer wing better, but I thought I'd eventually put one of those on my GT (the FakeR/ 158 clone).


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Arizona, USA
Looks like it is still for sale @ Steeda; might want to call them to be sure before you give up hope.
Wow. There ya go.

Last August - October I couldn't get one, and Racer's Edge very politely told me they couldn't help me because they were going to have to stock pile their inventory for their own 302R cars as collision replacements and spares. They were even lobbying IMSA to change the rules to support the GT500 wing as a replacement.

Sorry for the bad or outdated info. I'd jump in if you're wanting one! Make sure you're either prepared to make your own mounting spacers, or contact Multimatic- They run about $100 for a set.
ArizonaBOSS said:
I think @06mach1 was making spacers/adapters for our cars, not sure if he is still doing that or not though.

I made the one set for my car thinking they would be easy to make. Not! Its just ABS plastic but both sides are contoured differently, at least to do it right. I have seen some of the adapters just a straight chunk of plastic.

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