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BOSS 302R Wins @ Road Atlanta

The Multimatic BOSS 302R won it's final race of the season at Road Atlanta. Multimatic has stated they will be moving to the S550 chassis for next year and I've reported that earlier that they would have two cars ready for Daytona in January to start the season. What's interesting about this is the BOSS won using Multimatic's DSSV dampers. When I talked to them in May at Laguna Seca they were not using the DSSV dampers but did say they were testing them hence my prediction they will use that technology on the GT350 similar to how the Z/28 uses them.

What I'd like to know is this the first race that Multimatic used the DSSV dampers on the BOSS 302R? While they've been running strong all year how did they finally get a win at the end of the season? Are the dampers that good? If anyone knows how long they've been running the DSSV dampers please post. Read Multimatics comments on a couple of the photos at the link below.

Anyway it was great to see the BOSS 302R capture another win and most likely it's last in CTSSC racing. More info on the race:
I wish we had run at least one car at the last 2 races! any case, I think multimatic was developing that particular shock with an eye towards the new chassis. So they developed it on the older car since the the 2014..err15 are still non existent. I would say around Indy is a good guess as to when they made the switch,

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