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Boss 302's on Legendary Motorcar -Velocity Channel

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Just saw season 1/episode 7 of Legendary Motorcar on Velocity channel tonight. The episode detailed a concours restoration of a 1970 Boss 302 and also had a 2012 Laguna Seca and a 2013 GB Boss featured as well. Pretty cool!

If anyone wants to DVR it will be replayed at 1:30am EST.
Thanks I'm recording it now.
Reviving an old thread here...just an FYI, Velocity will be re - airing this episode on Monday March 10th at 10:30pm EST, 7:30pm PST. They are replaying last seasons shows for the lead up to the new season. For all you grabber blue guys this is a cool episode.
as the owner of a 013' GB Boss it was especially fun to watch and very cool to see a fully restored 1970 & 2013 GB Boss sitting right next to each other. Only part I was unimpressed by was the way PK treated his customers brand new 013' when given permission to drive it. Not cool IMO and clearly his customer was not pleased either.

Grant 302

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The customer didn't seem displeased to me...he even said he was glad Peter was driving the car still under warrantee.

Thanks again to cbj for the heads up. It was definitely worth watching.
I do not think the owner was mad at Peter at all. It was good tv. I remember being a young boy drooling over a 1969 Boss in the mid 70's.

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