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Boss all Waxed up

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Finally got around to uploading these to my photobucket. I got two of my boss wearing DoDo Supernatural and I got a fair amount of pictures of it wearing Chemical Guys E-zyme Natura. Mind you these are taken with my iphone 4s so quality isnt award winning. I need to upload some outside shots in daylight of both wax jobs but I can't find the camera they are on.

I recommend both waxes but if your a SBY owner the chemical guys e-zyme natura is hard as hell to work with(since the wax is yellow) but gives you beyond the most perfect warm wet look on the yellow. The Dodo supernatural gave a nice cool wet look.

Here is the ones with Dodo supernatural

Here is a few of it wearing Chemical Guys E-zyme natura
With flash on hood really think the stripe looks great here
Looking good. That's a large garage.
5 DOT 0 said:
Looking good. That's a large garage.
Thanks. Our current garage setup is not the worlds best. Next spring I'm hoping to break ground on a duplex with a 8 car garage with a possiblity of up to 11 cars. I Wanna add a 2012 boss to the stable once I have the room.
Beautiful! Mine is so filthy from two track days. I've got rubber smudges on my front facia and hood from chunks of Hoosiers. I've gotten lazy on the show...

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
Chemical Guys has a product called Meticulous Matte and in their demonstration video they use it on a 2013 Black LS's stripes, mirror caps, and rear spoiler. I just ordered a bottle so we'll see how it works.
Specflakz said:
I was wondering guys, what is the best product for waxing the entire car, I'm worried about waxing the stripes.
you'll be fine with anything you use. Just always be sure to test on a spot to make sure your getting the desired results. I've tried nearly every large and boutique brand sold in America, and it's all in how you use them. I'm about to test some Polish Angel stuff that I imported from Germany. I think that their master sealant will blow everything else away!
My son has a detail shop outside Louisville and he clay bars then goes over with Griots paint sealer using an orbital. Finish it off with a quality carnuba wax and it pops, and lasts, plus is easier to keep clean.

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