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Boss photoshoot in the UK (pics)

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I thought i would share these couple of pictures from a photoshoot for a popular car magazine here in the UK, now my buddies car has arrived the magazine got into full swing with static shots in this location followed by a shoot at on the road with a camera car.

Once the magazine has been published ill share the article with you



Very nice but where's the shot with the London bridge and Olympic rings in the background? ;)
Aaaah i thought you might ask about that, well, ive had no time to do it and now im coming to the USA for 3 weeks so im not sure it will get done this year,


I'm sure the back country roads are scenic and fun to drive, but I don't remember a single straight-away anywhere in downtown London... ;D


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I feel the same way up here in Cow Hampsha! Drove through Manchester yesterday and got a lot of thumbs up, cell phone pix, etc.

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