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Boss Runs 11.52 with tune and off road exhaust.

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I posted this over on svtp, but I realize there are some guys here on this board who drag race and I don't ever see them on that forum, so thought I'd share my experience with the car this year with you fellas.

It is so cool being able to drag race and road race the same car!

I've been working on ET in this car a little bit this past year. Baseline with the stock tires was 12.4 at 114 and change. I added an AED tune, Lethal off road 3" X pipe, and Steeda CAI. I went back to the track and ran 12.1's in crappy air and on a 28" tire.

So, realizing that my tire was too tall, I switched to a 26" tire and ran a 11.97 at 116 at Lebanon Valley, NY.

Yesterday, I ran my home track, New England Dragway. This time I had a set of Race Star skinnies on the car, no other mods from above. DA was mineshaft though, and track prep was the best I've ever seen. Here are the results:

Run One:

97.12 mph

I was stoked to get an 11.57 because my goal was 11.70's! I figured this would be my best pass of the day....was it????

Run Two

Missed a shift hitting rev limiter, aborted run, but had a 1.64 short time.

Run Three:

96.26 mph

Run Four:

97.87 mph
116.82 mph

Run Five:

97.27 mph
116.68 mph

Run five was not only my best run of the day, but I was paired up with a ZL1! I won't trash talk the car or owner though. He was on stock tires and it was his second pass ever in the car. He missed a shift and spun the tires so it was an easy win. His first past ever in the car he went 12.8 at 117.89 MPH, so that's not too shabby. It was fun being paired up with him, and I felt a little pressure not to do anything stupid, so to run my best pass of the year was very pleasing to me. So far, for me it's Boss 3- Camaro 0. I've beaten each one I've raced, lol.

I observed with a friend that the trap speeds at New England Dragway seem a little off from other tracks. When my buddy was at Lebanon with me in his auto trans GT, it went 12.1 at 114 and change, and it was shutting off at the 1,000' mark as if it was hitting a rev limiter in 4th gear. It did the same thing at New England yesterday but it ran a quick 11.84 at 113 and change, so that tells us the trap speed may be off a little at this track. I thought my traps would be closer to 118-119 mph running mid 11's but it is what it is.

Overall, I'm extremely happy to run mid 11's on a NA 302.

I weighed the car without me in it. It weighed 3460 with the Race Stars and my 95 Mustang GT wheels in back wearing 26-11.50-16 ET Street Bias plys. With me in the car, race weight was 3,700 even.

I'll post pics of the car with the race tires/wheels at some point. They're on my iphone and I have over 1200 pics on it so its a pain to download onto my laptop!

These Boss's are a lot of fun!


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Nice runs Brian! Maybe one day I;'l join you and you can show me how to do that straight driving stuff ! ;D I'll be at LRP on Sat 10/27.

Thanks Pete! You should join is at NED or Lebanon Valley some day. It's a blast too. Not quite the same thrill as taking turns and hitting braking points, but when you line up with a friend or another car that is close in performance, it's a real rush, lol!

What's going on a LRP on the 27th? Not SCDA right? I may be testing the limit of my wife's patience with the amount of car crap I've done this year so I may have to take a rain check on that. We'll see though, depends on whether or not I go to cars and coffee this Saturday. She's been a doll about the amount of time I've spent at various tracks and cruise nights this year, don't wanna push it!


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oh that is awesome!!! thanks for posting. you and me are pretty well matching up so far just havent been able to run in this awesome air yet. and still have the 28" tall slicks.

You have given me hope of my goal of running 11.7-11.80's

any videos?
Justin said:
oh that is awesome!!! thanks for posting. you and me are pretty well matching up so far just havent been able to run in this awesome air yet. and still have the 28" tall slicks.

You have given me hope of my goal of running 11.7-how to

Thanks Justin!

Good luck with your runs and keep us posted! You running corn now?
Awesome times, and I don't want this to come across wrong, but are you saying that by changing your front wheels and tires that you dropped 4 tenths? I'm a big drag race guy and have an AED tune also, car runs fantastic, but on the track it's not doing well because I can't get ANY and I mean ANY traction on street tires. Winter is coming where I live, but over the winter I plan on getting some tires for next year, I was focusing on rear only, but if there is 4 tenths by including the fronts, I'm in.

Justin is correct.

A combination of great air, sticky track and the skinnies all added up to solid mid 11's. I always thought these times were something of an Internet fantasy but when all the planets line up, I guess it really is possible. Lol

The skinnies dropped a solid 2 tenths off my times I feel though. The car 60' in a much more eager manner than before. Taking 70 lbs or so off the nose will have that effect!

I highly recommend the Race Star fronts with 17" M&H bias plys (4.5" wide!) and the ET Street bias plys out back. Handles like a dream with matching bias ply front and rears, drops a bunch of curb weight and the soft sidewall of the bias ply absorbs a lot of shock on launch and between shifts! ;)
Oh yeah, to backup what I was saying about the skinnies dropping 2 tenths try this on for size:

With my stock fronts, my 60's were 1.74 and 1.77. Now they are solid mid 1.6X's.

There is 2 tenths on the big end right there! ;)
2 tents is still solid for changing out the fronts. Looks like I'll have to put it on my list!! Do you drive that on the street also, or just to and from the track? Thanks for the follow up info.
Justin said:
I am aiming to get that very same set up for the front. And I want to sell these 28" tall slicks and get 26".

Good call because I was going past the scoreboards (which are about 50-100') past the actually timing lights (traps) at 7,600 rpm and about 120-122 mph. With the 28's, I was only at about 6,800-7,000 at same point.

Like I mentioned in my thread above, the timing gear that measure MPH at New England Dragway is off a little bit in my belief. The timing gear that measures MPH was damaged in an accident a few years ago and some believe that the MPH calibration has been off ever since.
T1000 said:
2 tents is still solid for changing out the fronts. Looks like I'll have to put it on my list!! Do you drive that on the street also, or just to and from the track? Thanks for the follow up info.

No thanks needed at all. Whole reason I posted is to share so others can gain info for their own set ups too!

I do not drive with the skinnies on the street. They are bias ply which means that if the car sits for a few hours without moving, they become flat spotted and "thud" like a MOFO for a few miles before they round back out. They're perfectly fine to sit in the pits between rounds though.

There is PLENTY of room in our cars with the seats folded down to take the skinnies as well as the rear tires too, along with tools and a jack. Everything fits in the car which is, as we say in Boston, "wicked" cool.

I once had a supercharged '99 GT and always went 2 tenths faster on skinnies than regular street radials. I just wasn't sure if the advantage would carry over on a naturally aspirated motor. Happy to report that it works on the Boss too.

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