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BOSS ShowCar Posters

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I have been designing some Show Car Posters for a new Car-Stand product we will be selling soon, Right now I am just playing with ideas, but I thought I would share them.
I will have more information on the Car-Stands in the near future.

Here are just a few design ideas: (Nothing is final on these yet, just ideas).





Comments/Suggestions Welcome...


I like the first one..................will you make one for me for my 2012 Yellow Blaze?
Currently I am working on getting things setup so that I can offer these posters in 16x20.
Of course each person that wants one would need to provide high resolution photos of their cars, as well as the information they want on them.

Once I get everything setup I will make a post about ordering them.
I also need to find a sure-fire way to ship them safely as well so let me get some things finalized on my end and I will let you all know when I am ready for orders.

Thanks for the comments!
They all look great. Prefer 1 & 3 myself.
Like the rear louvers on the RR.
When you get to offering custom ones, will be interested as well.
One minor item, are they building 3400 regular Boss' for 2013? The 2012 run was 3250, but only made 3249 or 3248.

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