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Boss Trackey/Track Attack Info

Here is information I got from my salesman and thought I would share with everyone.....sorry if some of this may be old news or repeated from other posts.

Ford Division has begun to deliver Boss 302's and Boss 302 Laguna Seca Mustangs. Ford Division is committed to ensuring that dealers and customers have all the information to complete the purchase of their Boss Mustang. This is also to make the dealers aware of the seperate shipment of Ford Racing Performance Parts specific to the Boss 302 Laguna Seca.

Puchasers of the Boss 302 Mustang have an option to upgrade their vehicle's performance by purchasing "Trackey" for $302 plus dealer labor after they take delivery of their car (post title transfer to consumer), a chance to attend the Ford Racing "Track Attack" Boss Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park in Toole Utah, and recieve a Boss Owners Kit.

Trackey-(After transfer of title to the consumer)
Consumer has the opprotunity to have "Trackey" Powertrain Control Module software installed at your dealership. This software is only available to the Boss Owners after the consumer purchases their vehicle. This software should be available for installation late summer of this year. Log on to for further information. You can also call the Ford Racing Performance Group Hotline at 1-800-367-3788.

"Boss Track Attack" Boss 302 Ford Racing Performance Driving Experiance- Buyers of Ford's highly anticipated Mustang Boss 302 get a high performance hands-on track driving experiance to learn just what their car is capable of as part of the new complimentary Boss Track Attack program. Ford picks up the cost of the 1 1/2 day experiance including meals.

The customer is responsible for transportation and lodging. Customers can get more information by logging onto or calling 435-27-SPEED.

Purchasers will recieve a Boss Owners Kit. These kits will be shipped directly to the owners by Ford Racing beginning in July 2011.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
Never hurts when information is the same across the board. Helps to eliminate rumors and such. Sounds like when I get my Q3 car, I should be able to get track key as well when I pick it up!
Dean#4AI said:
suprmn said:
Purchasers will recieve a Boss Owners Kit. These kits will be shipped directly to the owners by Ford Racing beginning in July 2011.

Hmmm, this is the first time that I've heard about the Boss Owners Kit. :)
I heard we get a little screwdriver to adjust our shocks ;D Right now I have one rattling around in my console.
I agree....its the first I have heard of any type of kit!

I like the screwdriver comment......I would hope Ford would give us a little more than just that! LOL
I wish it would have come with the car. It would have been nice to pick it up from the dealer with the car. I never got an owners kit with the Cobra so I didn't expect it with the BOSS.
Rumor alert! I ask my salesman what he though was in the owners kit. He said he didn't know but if he had to guess it maybe some type of plaque with our car # on it.
2012Boss said:
jimprw said:
Anyone have any updates on when both of these items will actually be available?

I was not given a hard date but maybe this summer. I was told with a simle that I would like it. Anyway free is free, I love any kind of Boss stuff.

I agree! How about the hour long Boss special on DVD? Seems logical....
The part of the screwdriver was said as we were parting, it was in response to a direct suggestion I had made. I said something like they should have put a special "Boss 302" screw diver in the glove box. Outside of that he was tight lipped and asked me not to repeat it - for the record I did not let the cat out of the bag, some dealer did.

Anyway the DVD may just be in there now, if it was not before, all my begging for one may have set wheels in motion, lol.
Whatever it is, it's cool because it's free, and unexpected. Ford is good at marketing and this is another example. Now even those of us that have our cars are waiting in anticipation again! :D

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