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Boss Transmission Mount and New FIX...

n the latest issue of 5.0Mustangs & Superfords, there is an article about the
inefficient inserts in the 5.0 manual transmission mounts.
Even if you went ahead and changed your shifter, the transmission mount is such
that it allows too much flex under hard shifting.
The article (not yet on line) states that a simple, inexpensive insert made by Whiteline
will make your transmission mount much more rugged and stop the flex that causes
missed shifts or binding.
I've had mine for several months and cannot recommend it enough. Prior to installation, I would regularly get high rpm lockouts but since then I have not had a single one. So easy to install, so cheap. The WL bushing, the MGW, and removing the clutch assist spring have made the transmission infinitely more useable.

Steve at Blowfish sells them if anyone needs one.



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Not new really been around for quite sometime. Couple of threads floating around on it on this site actually. I had to modify mine as the noise it made once installed was beyond annoying but then again I have also upgraded my motor mounts as well


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I saw some of the mods on the insert and played around with mine. After drilling out to 1-1/2 diameter hole it helped a bit with the noise but it did not all go away. But it works for me and I've certainly gotten use to it.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I cut the wide middle part off works fine for me. Still it's a band-aid to a pos clutch and a pos transmission. Only real cure is swap to a McLeod rst and t-56xl and call it a day. That's what I'm doing that and a moser wavertrack differential and moser axles

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