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BOSS VIN Plates and Survival Strap Key Fob

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Who make them for you? Can you please post the contact info?
The plates were done by a local trophy/engraving shop here in NC.
I setup the plate design and info and they did the sublam on Aluminimun.

They can also do the same thing on Stainless steel.

The Key Fob was through


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
The VIN plates are nice my boss 302 signed picture came with one. I would like to have more one to put on the firewall and or inside the car shelby style. That shop should look into making them for all mustangs there will be money to be made with those.
I can get them made and I can design them... The bummer is that they are only square, they don't have the ability to custom cut them in specific shapes.

However, that being said, a 3x2 is slightly smaller than a Business Card and can be placed pretty much anywhere..

There are on Aluminum, and I got 2 3x2" and 2 4X6" for about $120.00 So they are reasonable in price too coming in at about $30/each roughy.
Of course that is without shipping since I live 6 miles from the place I can just pick them up and then ship them via USPS Flat rate if needed.

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