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Boss vs Roush

#299 said:
I have sold my Boss...

BUT, I´m gonna buy a new Mustang!

Now here is my question. As much as I loved the Boss I am still open for other mustangs.
A friend of mine recommended me to take a look at the 2011 Roush 5XR

He told me he can find one for the same price as a 2012 Boss.

What is your opinion, will I find the 5XR as good on the track as the Boss 302?

Thanks for any input!

Were you able to sell the BOSS for the same price you bought it for? Or did you take a loss?
Does Roush change anything in the lower end of the motor? it the same 5.0 in the GT with roush bolt ons?........Fords own write up says the connecting rods arent made for forced induction.......I know people are doing it but thats not a good bet to keep hoping they wont let go. Plus the plain 5.0 has cast pistons.........If Roush replaces them and strengthens the bottom end then some of the performance battle is won. "some"
I watched a Roush video a couple of years back - I believe it was relating to the 4.6 at the time, but they went into their mods pretty thoroughly and there was no mention of building up anything in the bottom end. It was pretty much bolting on the SC, changing out the injectors and flashing the ECU. Not sure if they're doing anything different with the 5.0s Personally, I wanted to avoid the SC and the heavy-duty guts of the Boss motor really sold me. I also agree that resale on a factory race car will be higher than a Roush modded version. The dealer I bought my Boss from had a 2008 Stage 3 for over 2 years before he sold it - MSRP = $54k...Sale price = $37k.
First time I ever watched TG USA, and the last time unless they have the Boss on it again. The early segment with the old vs new was retarded, though I did watch it for the old Boss. The rest of the show (aside from the new Boss segment) I just skipped past because the hosts were so bad in the old vs new part.

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