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Boss vs Shelby

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I don't track my Boss,I would like to atleast once,but I see alot of problems on here with the Bosses drivetrain,rear ends,transmissions,and drive shafts.Is this just the Boss or do the Shelbies have similar problems.Are these parts stronger in the Shelby's.I have run my car pretty hard numerous times,taking it to 7500 RPM's through the gears with no problems at all.Are these problems due to tracking the cars.
I haven't had any issues yet. Really its just luck of the draw and how well you maintain your car. For a novice driver the car is pritty much fine the way it is. Once you get better and start going faster is when you start to push it. As far as durability compared to the shelbys i can't say.


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I think if you're going to track it once and are a'll probably be fine. I took my 2013 Boss to the track last summer for the first a novice. I had the brake fluid changed and flushed to DOT 4 fluid and had the dust shields removed. My car had 1700 miles on it at that time. I had zero issues with the vehicle. I wil be doing another day or two with my vehicle this year along with a two day Ford course at MMP this fall.

Overall, IMHO, I think Ford did a very admirable job on the Boss. I think the street Boss's, regular and LS, do exactly what Ford intended. That can drive them to a track.....have fun practicing high performance driving and then drive them home. The race spec Boss R or S are built to handle the higher level of abuse experienced with a steady diet of racing but probably aren't nearly as enjoyable for a Saturday evening cruise.

If you get bitten by the high performance driving bug....there are plenty of aftermarket parts to upgrade the Boss to handle the increased demands of frequent track dates. There's plenty of guys here that started with a bone stock Boss and have built them into very capable and extremely competitive race cars.

Good Luck...Enjoy your Boss...They were made to be driven!



Having more fun than should be my Boss
I will just briefly mention...if you haven't attended Boss Track Attack at MMP....I would strongly recommend attending before they shut the program down. Those vehicles have minimal changes to them....larger radiator and some change in the front strut to allow for -2 degrees of camber. Anyway....experience the two Hot Laps at the end of the day with a professional driver. You will then be convinced that the little Boss is built pretty well 8). "Reach up and pull those belts tight...boys!"

I already attended Boss Track Attack last June 5th and 6th,it was an awsome exsperience.My first time on any track,I would love to track mine 3 to 4 times a summer,Watkins Glenns is 3 hours away,but I work heavy Highway construction from early April to late November.I live out of town week days,traveling all over NY state.Doesn't leave me much time to go to the track.After Boss Track Attack I see Apex's on every road I drive,if you get my meaning.The boss is an awsome car.


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I have heard that the shelby's have their own problems as well. the owner of craigs brackets has a 13 GT500 and said the clutch sticks to the floor in his shelby.

I think the biggest pit fall of the car is the Clutch, shifter and the two piece driveshaft. once those are upgraded (which I have done) I am not worried about pushing this car hard.

Only thing I want to upgrade in the future is the oil pump gears. I hear they have a habit of shattering in the coyote and roadrunner motors.
I assume when you mean track, you mean road course. I bought my Boss used with 4500 miles and had it 3 days before doing my 1st track event. I touched nothing on the car and it did amazingly well. I have plenty of track experience so I pushed the car pretty hard and was very impressed.

If you are only planning to do a few track days each year as a fun thing to do with the Boss, a couple minor things you may want to do but I think the Boss is a great car for double duty (track day fun/daily driving). As you push the car harder and/or add more track days, there are a few other things you may want to do but still, Boss comes well equipped for track so not much necessary.

Some things to note. If stock, be very methodical and smooth (meaning slow) with the shifter at high RPM's and expect as you get faster to "miss" a gear every once in a while (upshift or downshift) and expect that every once in a while, the clucth will not pop all the way back up. Also, if it is a hot day (over 85 degree air temps), watch your temperature gauge just to make sure it is not starting to run warm.

Other than that, the car is really good at the track...brake pads hold up pretty well, does have a decent cooling (oil and water) system for an off the showroom floor car, tires work well, etc. Once you start driving a bit more aggressively, there are a few things you will want to do but they are still minor compared to tracking other sports cars.

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