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BOSS with Hellion Twin turbo and BBR Jackal Return system dyno tuned

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Since the BOSS returned in 2012, It has blown away the limits of a "stock" Mustang and keeps amazing us. Yes they did add some suspension to it and made them handle a lot better but the key feature to the BOSS is the motor. Ford got the smart idea to but a better engine that can deff handle some abuse. Now keeping the compression the same as a GT, they added some nice but basic ported heads, and some forged internals. Now, these are not the top of the line but they do work very well. It has proven itself time after time with different shops, tuners, and owners.

I must say, I want a 2013 BOSS really bad and after this weekend, It didn't make me decide any less. LOL

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of meeting and working with another SVTP member and customer and his very sleek looking 2013 BOSS.

Now, most people like to leave the look stock on the exterior and just play with the internals. Nothing wrong at all with that!!! I personally think they did the design really nice and sticks out just enough.

But not for this owner.... he decided to de-badge his 2013 BOSS and I'm not gonna lie..... I like it a lot.

The best part about this, at first glance.. your going to see a regular looking mustang with some badass Vossen wheels. This right there will always give you the sneaky Mr. Deed's impression.

Now just to make sure everyone knows this is a BOSS, here is the build info on the manifold:

But once you pop the hood..... This car goes from nothing to EVERYTHING. Running the Hellion Twin Turbo system (installed himself) and our tune... This BOSS is nothing to mess with now. This car was also equipped with Stainless Works 3" Turbo Exhaust (purchase through BBR)

Now you can easily make safe and reliable power with this set up but sometimes.... Theirs more options you can do for making it more reliable, a fun factor, and everything that allows more power.

When he brought his car to us, we wanted to see what she had but we wanted to do it without the fear of running out of fuel. Now the BAP is a great tool. It's cheap insurance on your stock pump. It is a nice fix but not a final one. So we added our 2011-2013 Jackal Return Style Fuel System using the IN-TANK A1000 single pump. We knew that for a street car, this is all we needed. The perks of swapping to return style is very simple... safe, last, and helps the drive-ability of your mustang.

The best part of this fuel hat, that it uses your stock fuel sending unit and does not require FPDM wire upgrades. It comes with new wires to run but its for power only.

We removed his stock fuel line and ran the pushlock up the same side and using a 10micron post filter (pre 100micron is attached to hat)

The Feed and Return line

We also swapped out the 80lbs with the new ID1000 Injectors. Might as well put the icing on the cake with using theses.

Once this system was installed, we finished it off using Aeromotive Fuel Rails. After everything was complete... you could hardly notice that it had aftermarket lines or anything ran. A big plus in my book. Besides the regulator, it's pretty much hidden.

After this was finished, we wanted to put the finishing touches on this masterpiece before it hit the rollers. We added the Go Fast Bits Boost Controller. They have designed one of the most user friendly controller's out there. I have one in my car is it is so easy to use it's kinda scary.

We installed it in a hidden location as per the owners request. LOL

These also allow you to:
Touch screen interface with menu button touch screen and new menu button make menu navigation exceptionally easy - no more pressing or holding multiple buttons!

* New closed-loop boost control strategy for the fastest possible boost rise rate and minimum dropoff at high RPM, the new closed-loop logic helps prevent boost variations that can occur in different gears, RPM ranges and atmospheric conditions

* Internal MAP sensor handles boost pressure up to 50psi

* Improved scramble boost feature with remote switching capability now uses a dedicated boost preset (instead of a percentage increase) so that peak boost, rise rate, and closed-loop control can be specifically tailored to suit your needs when activated. You can now lower OR increase boost pressure, AND change the spool-up rate and correction, all at the press of a button.

* 6 boost presets, individually programmable that you can program 6 different peak boost pressures and rise rates, then select on-the-fly

* Remote input trigger which connects the remote input wire to a switch, button, or ECU output to change boost presets or activate scramble boost

(scramble boost is set up to be an instant 5 extra lbs with the click of a button)

* Real-time boost gauge; display in bar and psi

* Real-time vacuum display

Okay... so now the fuel system and boost controller is installed..... Their was one last thing we thought would help this.... Swapping out the stock rubber bushing control arms with our Billet Poly Bushings. This would help get the power to the ground. Next step would be tires. :rockon:

Now we are ready to put her on the roller's and see what she can do.

What we did was set the boost controller to a few different boost levels. We did a wastegate spring pull first to see where we were starting out. On the first pull, she made 5.5lbs and the results were:

Here is a video of this pull:

Now with this number, it deff a good start but not even close to being finished. With the next pull, we started to play with the controller. Now, the car has 17degrees of timing so their was no need to add any to make the power. From here on out... we only make small adjustments but play with the percentage of the controller on how much boost to use (this is why turbo's have huge advantages over blowers.)

After making our first adjustment, We turned it up and made 6.3psi and made this for power:

With everything on the log looking spot on. Perfect timing and A/F... We turned up the controller more. We set the controller to make 9psi for this run. It ended up seeing 9.2psi total and produced:

I forgot to mention this before but this was all on 93 pump gas

We decided to let it cool for a bit, check the plugs (which were fine) and hit her again running a little more boost. Whats funny is she kept climbing like nothing was wrong. Nothing over a 11.4 A/F and still... only 17degrees of timing.

For this last pull, she ended up seeing 12psi total boost and put down........................................

Well listen to the car. LOL

She put down a solid:

Now I must say... HOLY CRAP!!!! On only 12psi... she put down over 800rwhp. Oh, this is on a stock clutch, trans, BOSS motor, and driveshaft. (owner knows clutch will need swapping soon)

Here is a graph showing 5.5psi VS 12psi

On only a little swap in boost, you can have yourself a street slayer!!! Now before someone freaks out and says it's gonna blow!!! Unlike blowers, with controller's on turbo's, you can set your boost level. We left 3 settings, one for 11psi, another for the 9psi and the other for 6psi so he can choose what to run it at. The motor held strong.

Because after this was said and done, the owner jumped in and drove 7hrs straight home. Making over 20mpg and nothing but a smile.

When said and done... this was a great time and I absolutely love these cars. With some tuning by Chris... this is a new legend now formed on the streets!!

Nothing on this car was custom. All items bought and installed.

Parts listed by Retail/MAP:

Hellion Twin Turbo: $7495.00
BBR Jackel Return Fuel Sysyem w/ A1000: $1499.99
Aeromotive Fuel Rails: $237.50
ID1000 Injectors: $960.00
Stainless Works Exhaust: $1580.00
BBR LCA: $189.99
Go Fast Bits Boost II Controller: $299.99
Yikes! Has the owner taken it to the drag strip yet?


$12,262.00 upgrade.....+ labor.........without the drive train extras..........Sweet...


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I wouldn't take this to the drag strip running full boost until I'd swapped out the drive shaft and axles. This has the potential for another Youtube FAIL video. I would budget an extra 3-4k to upgrade those as well as the brakes. It's great to go even faster, but you will need stop too...

"On only 12psi... she put down over 800rwhp. Oh, this is on a stock clutch, trans, BOSS motor, and driveshaft. (owner knows clutch will need swapping soon)" ???
ace72ace said:
I wouldn't take this to the drag strip running full boost until I'd swapped out the drive shaft and axles. This has the potential for another Youtube FAIL video. I would budget an extra 3-4k to upgrade those as well as the brakes. It's great to go even faster, but you will need stop too...

It will also almost certainly toast the input shaft (do a search) and the torsen diff. Some would add axle brace and/or welded tubes. Will need a driveshaft loop also. I think this is likely more than 3-4K. As a rule of thumb it looks like adding the cost of the turbo install once again to upgrade the drivetrain and/or brakes.

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