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Boss's around Orlando

I'm still open too? Somebody take charge,get with a restaurant manager some where located where it isn't a very far ride for everyone and we could use their parking lot and get something to eat and drink in return.......just an idea? hooters? winghouse?


I'm back in my plans were pushed, Winghouse sounds perfect chefron50 pick one and a time. for 8/3.
I think the one on Kirkman just past Universal is a pretty neutral place to meet with a big parking lot so we could reserve maybe an area on the side away from the building,always busy on sat. nite so plenty of locals and tourests to admire our cars....anybody have a better location? Lets agree to something,it's already friday or we'll have to wait another week??
It's kinda last minute but the Hooters in Sanford has "Hooters and Hot Rods" on Sunday 8/4 from 11AM to 2PM. Usually a pretty good turnout. Anybody interested in that?

Unfortunitly I work till 2:30 and its hot as hell outside,I prefer evenings if it's not raining like it is almost everyday. I even have a restaurant with a large parking lot and bathrooms if needed that we could use anytime after 2:00 but it is off of i-4 1 exit west of state road 27 so that might be to far for most to drive but I'm offering the parking lot for us to meet at....Ron
Stopped by Hooters in Sanford today. Then the rain hit. A lot of cool cars there. Several Mustangs. I was the only Boss I saw. Set up by Their site has a list of upcoming events. I'm gone next weekend but am in the hopes someone comes up with a plan.
I didn't go because nobody answered my message. Oh well!! Yes, it's always fun. I like the Sanford location better but the one they do in Longwood seems to get a slightly better turn out. Maybe we can arrange that.
Hopefully you guys get something going soon. I'm still in Italy but currently buying a house in Deland. Hope to be back in a few months.

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