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Bought a Cobra Jet Grille for the 12 Boss (paint color?)

I found a guy that had some brand new Cobra Jet grilles for the 12 Boss, so I bought one. I am going to have the white trim ring painted either black or CO - but am leaning to black. Will leave the grille as is. Anyone seen one of these with the trim ring painted black? I see pic's with it left the white, but can't find any with black or body color.
I used plasti-dip in black on mine. I also opened up the grille more. Make it as open as possible.
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Nice find!! Any more available?? Great option for cooling.

Some of our "Second Generation" track rats could use this.

Yes, his ebay ad says he has 3 left. His list is 429 and it just had a 10% sale so I got it for 386 (shiping included out of NY took about a week). If it was his last one I would have paid his full price. If ok to drop the link in here (I have no connection to him).
It's painting day for my new grille. Going for a gloss black and a clear coat over it.

Sticker on the bottom of the grille, looks like Big John did the mod. He did a pretty good job, I had to clean it up a bit as suggested. I found the old grille thread and re-read it all, I guess I should have looked before posting this.


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