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Brainerd International Raceway 5/3-5/5

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I've been running with the Nordstern PCA the past few years and they're a great group of guys. I think so far KRost, John (LS110) and I are the only ones attending, but would love to see more Mustangs there. They run the BIG track with a mile long front straight entering a banked 60 degree Turn 1 that can be taken by just lifting, or flat footed for you guys with the big wings and #*!s 8)
You should add this event to the calendar. ;)
Here's the full video of my one session this weekend. I was grannying it down the drag strip due to the light precip and not wanting to become a ping pong ball on the VHT. The rest of the track was pretty dry. At about the 12:50 mark in the video I see a Cayman S flat footing it down the drag strip after me while I was just holding throttle position and I thought "Looks like you want to play. Well go right on ahead of me then ;)" Still kept it to about 7 or 8 tenths though. Really thought I had plenty of sessions left to get after it this weekend :'(

LS110 said:
Nice lines Gary! That was one gloomy day and hard to believe we were out there running our wipers periodically.
Thanks John. I just wish I had the opportunity to put down some fast laps but puttering down the front straight for a mile took that out of play. I'll really be looking forward to First Fling next May to hopefully get some quality time in on the new track surface.

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