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Brake cooling question

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I looked at pictures of Mr Faessler's car and was wondering whether the opening in the fender behind the wheel was there to allow airflow for brake cooling (see pic attached) . And if so, I imagine you would NOT be using defectors like Vorshlag makes? Thanks

Screenshot_20210930-214522_Samsung Internet.jpg


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I'm thinking that venting the rear fender like that may lead to less "stalled" air inside the wheel well, and more consistent airflow from under the splitter (and from the rad depending on hood venting) going out that vent. So it might even improve the effect of the deflector, as there would be more airflow into it.
Yeah with how hard packaging big ducts is on these cars with 305+ tires deflectors should still be a good option with fender vents. Reducing high pressure in the fender well should actually make the deflectors more effective if I understand the basic pressure differentials up front correctly.

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