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Brake fluid again! but different this time :)

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After reading the other side about brake fluid and the clutch using the same reservoir I starting thinking about that.

First it is true they use the same reservoir?

If so have anyone changed the fluid in both at the same time. I can not see how that will help since it would be hard for the fluid to travel all the way to the calipers from the clutch but I guess anything is possible. I only bleed the brakes when I added the 4.

The clutch won't take in air if the brakes are bled so in theory there shouldn't be a problem. My brakes were nearly bone dry all winter I bled them and the clutch works fine. There is no bleed screw on the stock mustang not sure if the Boss has anything different. I understand they put a special cap on the reservoir then draw a vacuum above the fluid this will cause the air in the system to expand and draw it to the reservoir bleeding the clutch in the process.
What I was trying to say is will the old dot 3 mix with the 4, I'm not worried if they were bleed correctly, that went well and I have tracked the car since. Just worry I went into the trouble of changing the fluid only to have the old dot 3 in the clutch system mix with the new dot 4 in the brake lines. I should have stated that better, sorry.
By federal law the brake fluids have to be able to mix without brake failure. I use DOT 5.1 Wagner fluid in my system, if it mixes with the the stock stuff in the clutch system it will be very slowly it will more likely just sit on top of the stuff in the clutch system. That said I did build a bleeding system for a friend's Mustang. I put a tee type union in the bell housing and ran a line from the top of the Tee to a mounting block on the firewall. This gave him a place to bleed the system from. The fluid goes in from the shared reservoir and down to the slave then up the tube to bleed out the air and old fluid.

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