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brake pads and sundry for newguy


I'm an SoPac/Calclub SCCA T2 club racer just sold my T2 Vette racecar. I just bought an orange 2019 GT PP1 with 10speed. I'm taking a chance with not going manual but so far like the 10. It really does work like porsche PDK which reportedly was the Ford/GM target. I have my 1st trackday in the GT saturday at WSIR for find weak spots like 10speed overheating or chassis dynamics issues.

What race pad and compound are you guys using. I'm thinking Carbotech XP20 front. Maybe Hawk DTC70? G-Locs? Are you guys using a lesser bite pad for the rear vs. the fronts?

What are you guys doing about adding brake ducts? Does someone have an easy DIY solution for ducts?

Is there a way to adjust chassis rake without coil overs?

My class limits me to -3 degrees camber. Can I get -2.5 with camber bolts or do I have to go camber plates? I did not see the rear as immediately adjustable but I haven't had the wheels off yet.

I will be running on hoosier A7's but on the stock michelins can these be used in the infrequent rain at all? What hot pressures do the michelins like on dry track?
Feel free to contact me in private :)
I use ferodo dsuno. Coming froma gloc and carbotech experience. (I had a bad experience with hawk 5.0)
Ferodo so far are the best. Period :)acdb73b70270bcd9a74f6a53b9917a86.jpgc1406f73f3c53733d0e1dd9d5a0e27ea.jpg

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Thanks Flyhalf. I have read your posts on the 10speed and beating the heat. I'll have to reinvent the wheel on cooling so I can run those 100F ambient days on the EastCoast. We run these cars very hard so our cars get pretty beat hard. I'm taking a chance experimenting with the 10speed. I hope I have found an advantage and not a liability. I'm too old and tired to left foot brake and heal toe at the same time. LFB and autobox is so much easier.

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