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Brake squeal

Don't know if this belongs here but....

Just a general question, not complaining about the noise.

I am going to be doing a track day soon with my daily, Volkswagen GTI, and my Mustang. I put GLoc R8 pads on the front of the Volkswagen, bought from OP Tim BTW. I have GLoc R12 pads on my Mustang. The Volkswagen squeals like a pig. The Mustang is dead silent.

Why is this????

Bill Pemberton

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As TMS noted the first question is whether you cleaned and scuffed the rotors prior to installing the new G-Locs? If not , as mentioned by TMS, that could be part of your issue. Also did you bed in the pads, if you did clean/scuff said rotors? I prefer pre-bedded , but many try to do this themselves or frankly skip that step, but regardless the rotors need cleaning with new pad installation.
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I’ve daily’d R18’s in a variety of cars. Miata and BmW (sliding poston) squeal like a school bus. Mustang Brembo s are near silent for me.

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