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Brembo Caliper Stripped Thread

Hello all! Looks like I am coming close to stripping the thread on one of my Brembo front calipers where it attaches to the spindle. Anyone on here had this issue and what did you to repair? Helicoil insert or new caliper? Please be kind with comments as I am already upset with myself for doing this........


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Search "timesert" on here and you will find more info. Other than that, a fresh caliper isn't too expensive. Replace your caliper bolts every so often in case they are getting jacked up too.
Have you tried chasing the threads to see what is still there? Sometimes the factory lock tite gets gummed up and acts like stripped threads.
This. I kept a tap handy and every time i removed the calipers I chased them with the tap. I stopped applying loctite to the bolts as I removed them frequently and kept a close eye on them. This issue disappeared when I installed my Cortex Stoptech Spec Mustang setup which used a radial mount.
I used a new bolt to chase the threads but there was metal on the thread when i took it back out. It is about half gone so i still have engagement which allowed me to tighten it back up but it will probably be toast the next time I take it off. I do have an extra set of calipers that came with the car when I bought it but they are from a 2012 performance pack GT. Looks like the same caliper, is there any difference in the Boss caliper besides the brake line that was specific to the Boss?


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2012 Performance Pack calipers are the same as the Boss (but maybe the Brembo logo is a different color so different part number).
Yes, the factory locktite can wear on the aluminum caliper threads, and over time damage them.
Install a Timesert like AzBoss mentions above. I tried, but didn't get the hole drilled/tapped straight, so its a paperweight. Use a drill press and clamp it in somehow (or take beer to a friend who can help).
Or call Autonation Ford in Whitebear Lake MN. I think they're cheaper than anyone. May or may not be a core charge. Ask for a '12 GT Performance Pack caliper.
Finally, clean the locktite off the bolts or buy new bolts. I went to a John Deere dealer and got new bolts (correct hardness and flange head - but are 18mm not 15mm wrench).
Good luck.


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Keenserts (Keyserts) are solid wall "Keyed Inserts" and are certainly more stout but require more room to repair the thread. Helicoils are wire inserts and are better when you have less real estate to work with and require special taps whereas the keyed inserts typically use a standard tap.

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