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Budget question

I was playing with a tuned Evo, and 3 times could not get into 3rd, I am on a tight budget, going through divorce (was able to keep the car).
Will just a Barton or FR bracket help this, or do I buck up and do the whole MGW, Barton deal?

oh, and I still went past him like he was sitting still. He says " Dam that thing is fast" ;D
You might try the Energy Suspension rear mount bushing first. $13 + shipping = $18.00.
I have had some improvement with 3rd since installing the bushing. If that does not help, then you can replace the shifter assy. with the MGW or similar.
There's no guarantee any of the aftermarket shifters will fix your shifting problems. They didn't for me. I'd take it to your dealer and complain about it first so you have it documented. Not enough owners do that. If you're on a tight budget try the Energy bushing. If that doesn't help try a Barton or MGW twin post bracket. I think most of the improvement in shifter feel comes from replacing the marshmallow rear bracket.
If after doing all of that, you still have issues. Change the motor mounts for the stiffer race oriented ones. less motor flex means less deflection in the shifter. You will pick up a little more noise vibration though.

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