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Butterfly valve servo gear rattle?

Hoping someone can verify whether this much play is normal. See video. I have been hearing a worsening fluttery high pitch metallic rattle for over a year now. It started to only be noticeable at 3k rpms, now it is widening it's range. I had her up on the QuickJack today and was doing my best impression of Chuck Norris's palm thrusts all over. Nothing loose enough for me to hear rattle... Then I figured I would remove the AC belt to see if the ticking went away and had to remove the intake tube to get at the belt tensioner (what a PITA...). While it was off, I poked the butterfly open to look for signs of oil and may have accidentally found what I was looking for! Fingers crossed that someone can do a quick check for me and confirm it needs replacement. Not the cheapest thing to replace, but if it ends the noise I will be overjoyed.

I have to get the Takata claymore replaced next week (also need an inspection sticker). If someone can confirm this is no good then I can point it out and ask. I am not getting any CEL codes, though... So no reason for them to fail me.

Anyone have the time to verify theirs does not make this rattle when whacked? Or does not have the gear backlash I am feeling? I also don't remember it making that much noise. I can hear it from the seat when it closes...
Anyone? I received a new TB but they sent a GM one...sigh. So it would be nice to know my observations are not normal before I order again.

ALSO: according to my OBD2 reader and Torque app, I max out at 76.1% throttle despite my best pedal mashing. I have to get the SCT software working on my work laptop so I can log parameters and figure out what is going on. It did not work last time I tried...

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