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Capless fill discovery - How to use a gas can

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OK, most of you know we have the "capless fill system" for fuel on the Boss. I learned something new today. I was getting ready to go fill my gas cans with 93 octane fuel for a DE event when it occurred to me that they might not "trigger" the metal flange inside the fill tube. Sure enough it didn't penetrate the fill tube far enough to open it. I was just getting ready to head to Ace Hardware to find some tubing that I could clamp to the end of the nozzle when I talked to my dealer. Turns out there is a little plastic funnel attached to the flat repair kit in the trunk that is designed to be used with a gas can. I thought I'd post up in case anyone else ran into the same issue. My dealer apologized for not telling me at delivery, but I told him no biggie as I didn't give him much time for covering those kinds of details. I just wanted to get the car and go. ;D

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