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Car show today, first in class

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Went to a car show today, a smaller one with maybe only about 60 cars just across the border into Minnesota.
Ended up with first in class (stock 1970-2013 cars), so a pretty wide range in the class.
I even beat my brother in law with his yellow '70 Road Runner--he got second.
Lots of people drooled over the Boss (as they should ;D).
I've got stickers on the back window, and several people asked what those strange looking letters were. ???
Only one other Mustang there, a very nice '65.
So 2 car shows with my Boss, and 2 first placings in class.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
drano38 said:
I've got stickers on the back window, and several people asked what those strange looking letters were. ???
Tell them your other hobby is archeology and ancient middle eastern cultures, and that those strange letters spell 'Boss' in Sandskrit. :D
Good job Wayne! Taking the Boss to shows is great.....I've hit around 5-6 this summer and the car brought back hardware in all but one.

I'm going home this coming weekend for the annual street fair and doubt there will be another Boss at the show they hold. Goal is to bring home a trophy from my hometown! Now I just need to get it on the track more!!!

Still working on getting time off for Hastings.
I have been to a few show and for the most part people around here really dont know what a Boss is (unfortunately)
They don't have a class for us yet. 2 times I have been tossed into a Shelby/Roush/Saleen class and since my car was a "gt with stickers" (or so they thought) I didn't place.
This past weekend I went to the NMRA in Joliet and seen another member (Lee Carlson Comp orange) we took both honors in the 05-current conservative class (felt bad going up against Gt's and V6s but this was the only class open to Boss unless you had it modified)
What classes do you guys go in?


I've only been to 2 in midwest small towns.
The Saturday show only had about 50 cars, and '70 to current stock was one class--huge range of cars for a class like that. I think they only had 4 car classes--'69 and older, '70 and newer in both stock and modified. Then they had truck, etc.
The one I went to last Aug had more classes, but it was still just year group classes--not brands or models. I beat a '12 GT500.


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I went to a Ford Powered show sponsored by the Motor City Region Shelby SAAC Club. I was in the All Bosses class. I came in first. There were 3 2012 Bosses (RR/W, RR/B and KB/W). The weather was iffy but didn't rain. I think it scared away some cars. If there was a 69 - 71 Boss, I don't think I would have won. But, 1 show and 1 First Place Award (plaque).


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