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Carbon Fiber Hood Vent Mod for 2012 Boss'

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I bought these carbon fiber hood vents. I think I'm going to mount them into my hood. What do you think? Easy? Hard? Don't do it, I'm crazy?
I'll probably have a shop do it, but I'm tempted to do it and photolog the process for others who might want to add this useful mod.


i think its been proven that the area just past the radiator is the best location for such venting and then the second best place is actually where ford has them mounted on the 2013 models.

not that they would not work in that area you have them placed but i think it wise to mount them closer to the 2013 local


I looked at them there. There is a contour/crease in the hood the creeps up in that location, but I did put them there to see if the hood contour agreed with the vents.
It's still an option. But aside from the "best" location, with this hood (which is different from the 13's is also where they can aesthetically go too). Since the vents dip into the hood, the bulge is a safe place with clearance from the cross bar.
I think someone should make carbon fiber replacement vents for the 2013's. I wonder how hard they would be to remove? CF would look great with the over the hood stripes and Race Red.
Adding a hood vent the right way would be alot more work then you probably realize. The 2013 model has them and if you look they are ressesed into the hood that means cutting and bending a lip down on the 2013 models it is stamped in before painting i believe. if you are going to add a vent why do such small useless vent instaed look at the gt500 it has a vent system that is made to extract heat before going over the engine and further back. Just an opinion. I do not think a hood vent will make much of a difference except for the one on the gt500 it is designed pretty damn good.

Notice the ressesed part around the vent :-\


Here they are[1].

In my pictures, they are only resting on the hood. They are designed to drop into an opening and have lips that sit on top of the hood, underwhich you apply the automotive adhesive.
It's a fairly simply install (measure 10x, cut once!) and the vents do indeed descend into the hood and are angled forward to direct air backward. These are NOT just cosmetic vents.

The OEM boss hood is not really contoured for a GT500 style heat extractor after some study. These vents will help even if not as good as a factory solution. Also, for the '12s the vents should not be on the side like the 13's because of under hood obstructions, width of vent, irregular contours on hood and also the battery. The bulge is the optimal place on these hoods after some lengthy study.

I will have a shop mount them, but if you're comfortable cutting fiberglass, and good at measurements, it can be a DIY job.


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