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Carolina Motorsports Park - New Pavement


TMO Race
High Point, NC
The new pavement at CMP has been a long time coming, and it is excellent, at least for now. The track used to be brutally abrasive, but now there is plenty of grip available, and your tires don't get utterly destroyed. October 10 - 11, 2020, I was on track with the Carolina Regional Mustang Club in my Expedition (during parade laps to help dry a wet track) and a session riding shotgun with an instructor, but what a HUGE difference. Feel free to put it on your east coast calendar and enjoy the weekend.

NOTE: This is not an advertisement, and the OP has not been requested or paid to provide a positive review of this facility. Do not take CMP if you are allergic to CMP or any of it's ingredients. Consult your wife before signing up for any event at CMP. 😊


Mostly harmless.
3-5 Years
If I'm at CMP for more than four hours should I call a doctor? Or just keep going? I don't want to wear myself out.

This is awesome though. Hope I get the chance to try it someday.
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Ancient Racer
halfway between Mosport and Shannonville
W2W Racing
20+ Years
That's cheap! Mosport is about $500 canuck bucks per day with the least expensive group and over $750 with the most expensive group. The only difference being the lunch, and that's not worth $250 in any currency!
Shannonville is only $200, and Calabogie is $375, Tremblant about $425 if you run with the driving school there.
I guess being a former Grand Prix track and the fastest track in North America makes Mosport pricey, though Tremblant had the Grand Prix there and is pretty damn fast as well!

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