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Cat Deletes =MPH

I finally made it back to the 1/4 mile drag strip with the cat deletes. My MPH improved to 116.64mph. The temp was in the low 60's. I can't find my old time slips. If memory serves me correctly my previous best was 115 MPH. I have no tune other than Track Key. Currently I have no CEL. I made no other motor mods since my last time at the track other than removing the Cats. (I did replace my drive shaft because the factory one broke.) I don't think the DS will give me MPH though. It might give me ET.

According to a HP calculator, the motor is making close to 490 hp at the fly wheel. These motors seem to just need to breathe.
Update: I went back to the track last night. Conditions were similar. I reinstalled the plates in the side exhaust because I just couldn't take the noise anymore. I lost a 1/2 mph. Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring a 15mm wrench with me to remove the plates. That would have confirmed the mph loss was due to the plates. I've heard the plates cost about 5hp. This seems to confirm it. On my way home the CEL came back on too. So much for all the stacked anti fowlers. They did work for about 300 miles.

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