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S197 CELESTE - 2011 GT HPDE/TRACK Build Thread Profile - S197 Mustangs

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Solid build and if you are pumping 520 HP to the rear wheels that is impressive. If you are planning on running as often as you note in your build for 2022 , check out the Mustang Roundup in Hastings, Ne. in September ----- 3-4 days of timed track time available!
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Now that`s some grunt! What ECU/electronics are you running?

From the old owner. Shaun, Super good dude.

According to JPC, they don't start changing injectors and electronics until they add boost. It's still nearly stock compression too. Justin does recommend octane boost in the gas tank for track days. Added insurance. That is his words, not mine. Ported heads and intake, stage two cams and rotating assembly meant for NA. Plus RGR's "27 angle valve job" or whatever he called it. Many build their engines "for 1000hp" but never boost it. Well, a motor built for boost won't make as much power NA. The pistons are heavier and the rings are lower. Heavier rods etc. I wanted light and fast revving. Was looking for over 500hp

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