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Centerforce DYAD clutch pictures

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Here is my new clutch took some pics





I have never used their product but from the look of it I will guess it will be great, the same type of design in alot of flawless clutches useing the pins to travel on. I really like the idea of the weights for centrifical added pressure this should make it damn near impossible to slip. Not to mention that flywheel do you know how much lighter it is? Well I can wait until you run it and give a full review. Where did you buy it? Part numbers?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I think its 5lbs lighter.

I bought it at summitracing.
Not to sound like you dont know what you are doing just a reminder, that thing has to go back together EXACTLY the way it came apart, notice it was balanced as a complete. I am sure you know this just I do understand they are simply missed things at times. I really like that they balanced it this way.

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