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Here is what I have designed based on the COA we get with our cars.

Here is the COA document I made. I am printing it at normal size, but since I designed it I could make it whatever size I want.
I did this so I never have to remove my original from the Owner's Kit again.

I would sell them at $5.00, (Digital File) and you can print them. They would have your information on them.
Simply download to a USB Thumb Drive and take to Walmart, Staples, Office Max, FedEx, etc to have to printed.

If someone sends me a pic of the Laguna Seca version of this COA I could make that as well.

I could even customize the Blue BOSS 302 Text to match your Car Color if you wanted.


The Laguna Seca version of the COA is identical except for the end of the third line. Instead of "... Ford Mustang Boss 302" the Laguna Seca COA is change to "... Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca"
I'm certainly in for one or two of these, I'm currently looking at doing a framed piece in my garage including the original window, the COA as well as a few pages from the 2013 Mustang brochure which has the info on the Boss.
With this you don't have to use the Original :D and I would suggest downloading the and printing the Window Sticker as well as the Brochure...
Good Catch! I will update that now...

Also, I put a "Year and Make" on there. Color of the car I can get from the VIN#, so that is not a issue.

These were designed for printing 8.5X11 in size (Just like the original), however, due to how I designed it, It can be enlarged to a 16X20 with little to no issues that I can see.

Larger than that, and I would need to custom design something.
If you can get the info from Ford (which they should be able to tell you from the VIN), then technically you can have a COA as well because I can make it
I talked to someone from SVT a couple of weeks ago and according to them they will be coming out with a COA for the pre production Bosses. These cars did not come with Owner Kits. So I know the built date and other things except the manufacturer # of the color.
Looks nice on the garage wall. :)

Had it printed at Costco for $5.99 (16x20) and got a frame at WalMart for less than nine bucks.

Thanks Justin!

All COA Document Images have been sent at this time...

These can be printed 8.5 X 11 or even 20 X 16 in size.

We send you the image and you print it, either at home on your printer, or take it to FedEx, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Kinkos, or your Favorite Print Company...

Don't ruin your "Original"! Use our COA version for display at shows, events, or in the garage/mancave
So for those of us who never got an original COA with a used car, any ideas on how to get the color manufacture number?

Also, were the originals printed different colors based on the car color, or is that just an option you came up with for these?

I would love to order one of these as the next best thing to an original, but maybe not if I'd be missing some info.

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