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Chosing a clutch for Double Duty.


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Exedy Hyper Single or the RST Double are the two that seem the most popular across the forums but I have no track time with either clutch.

I do a fair bit of driving with my '16GT, all the events are pretty far away and it's "one of" my DD's. I don't mind a noisy clutch as long as it does what its supposed to do for Daily driving, HPDE and autcross. It's a stock engine car for now with Adjustable S&S and progressive springs so this is not a competitive build, just fun for now.

Any Clutch suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Aluminum Flywheel (and probably a CF DS) done at the same time.


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The downside to the RST is the cost and the moan you get a certain RPMs. Up side, smooth shifts, lighter pedal and zero lock outs.
I have heard good things about the Hyper Single, have not driven a car with one installed.
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Just got a Hyper Single installed. My initial drive was yesterday. The clutch effort was a little more than stock but nothing I would worry about. The lighter flywheel caused me to stall when I tried to leave from a stop in second gear......need to remember to give it a bit more revs and slip. But with the one piece DS I have it really pulls. Shifts were much easier but I will wait until I am on the track next week to tell you if I still get lock out or not.
Whichever way you go I'm not sure I'd do an aluminum flywheel. Stick with the CF driveshaft and call it a day.
Exedy does not offer an aluminum flywheel for our car. For a DD, I would go with a lightened steel flywheel. You have to slip the clutch more with the aluminum flywheel.

If this was a track car or dual purpose without a lot of DD, my preference is an aluminum flywheel.

My recommendations are based on using both the McLeod and Exedy product with steel and aluminum flywheels in my car.
What would you leave from a stop in 2nd? Just curious

It was more of a roll. First is so short and the torque makes leaving in second a bit more smooth. Except this time I didn't expect the revs to drop that quickly and clunk......prayed I didn't get rear-ended.

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